The project ended by 31st of December 2015.

The project has achieved its primary goal: A sensor capable of detecting substance concentrations in air of less than the target of 10 PPM. Sensitivity of less than 10 PPB can be achieved with the current produced Smokesense units. With these very low concentrations Smokesense can distinguish between various gases, aerosols and fumes creating a particular smell.

In the present version Smokesense features an auto-learn function that will enable adjustment to the environment by a snapshot of the normal smell pattern. After the learn period the Smokesense unit can provide alarm in case of deviations from normal. This can be supplemented by device specific algorithms, that the unit has been trained with e.g. for heated plastic, wood, paper, HCN or CO.

The first production series will be installed during April to June 2016 at:

Netgroup datacenter, Denmark.

Amerex, USA. Manufacturing area, Compressor room, Water treatment plant.

Fire Eater, Denmark. Production area, Warehouse, Offices, Canteen

DBI, Denmark. Fire test area.